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At the present time, one cannot think of future without social networking sites, as these have become a part of our life. Everybody uses any of these in their daily life for any purpose, as one can use it as a mode of communication while for other it can be a part of a business. Well, most of you are well aware by the term Social Network and use them too. For a person, Social Network may be limited to just Facebook or Twitter but it is far beyond one can think. After observing and analysis on hundreds of social networking sites, I’ve listed down Top 10 Social Networking Sites for Bloggers which are being used by pro bloggers. For a blogger, these can be used for increasing their Blog Traffic, SEO and to build a relationship from other bloggers too.
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WordPress is the best blogging platform and the main benefit for using it are the plugins that it provides to run our blog perfectly. Can you rank higher in Google without implementing necessary SEO techniques? As, you all know that for better search results we need to implement both ON page and OFF page SEO techniques. We can do comment, blog submission, social sharing etc. for OFF Page SEO but what about ON Page SEO? At such time, we need Best WordPress SEO Plugins to do better Search Engine Optimization for ours blog posts. I have previously shared an article on Best WordPress Plugins for a blog, and today I’m sharing 5 Best WordPress Plugins to improve SEO of a blog. You need not use all plugins, but I recommend you to choose that fits best your blogging purpose. Continue Reading

How to get Dofollow Backlinks from PR 9 Facebook:: – Backlinks are very needed for better SEO of a blog. You all understand the importance of backlinks in Blogging very well. However, getting Dofollow Backlinks is a dream of every blogger. But it needs quite a hard work on behalf of a blogger. But there are many ways by which you can get a do follow backlink for your site. As, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Youtube, LinkedIn, there are many social networking sites which offer you high-quality backlinks for your blog. Without wasting any more time, I’m providing you the tips to get High-Quality Dofollow Backlinks from PR 9 social networking site “Facebook”. Continue Reading

What’ll be your reaction if you open your website and a simple 4 words message greets you saying Error Establishing a Database Connection? Well, I don’t want that anyone face such situation but it’s a reality that the worst fear of a webmaster is to encounter such error on the site. Although, once in the online journey, you all have faced some errors like 404 Error, 503 Internal Server Error, White Screen of Death and Error Establishing a Database Connection etc. Well, this becomes frustrating when we are doing everything alright and suddenly an error comes up saying Error Establishing a Database Connection. Me too have faced the error some days ago and searched the solution of it but don’t get what I was looking for. Well, after analyzing the possible causes, I put up some points important to fix and understanding the error. Though, there may be many reasons of having this error. But, it’s not so much difficult to get rid of such situation. Here you can find the ultimate solution to fix error establishing a database connection in WordPress.

Wandering to find the solution of how to fix Error Establishing a Database Connection,here you can check the causes of error establishing database connection
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