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Top 10 Social Networking Sites
At the present time, one cannot think of future without social networking sites, as these have become a part of our life. Everybody uses any of these in their daily life for any purpose, as one can use it as a mode of communication while for other it can be a part of a business. Well, most of you are well aware by the term Social Network and use them too. For a person, Social Network may be limited to just Facebook or Twitter but it is far beyond one can think. After observing and analysis on hundreds of social networking sites, I’ve listed down Top 10 Social Networking Sites for Bloggers which are being used by pro bloggers. For a blogger, these can be used for increasing their Blog Traffic, SEO and to build a relationship from other bloggers too.

Top 10 Social Networking Sites

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Top 10 Social Networking Sites
Top 10 Social Networking Sites

What Is Social Networking?

In a simple form, Social Networking may be defined as a form of communication in which we connect with others via a social network. As, over the years we communicate with each other personally. However, the continuous progress of technology has given us a new Robust form of communication called Social Network. With it we can connect with any of our dear ones or business partners in just seconds and we need not meet them personally.

Top 10 Social Networking Sites

How can these Social Networking Sites help Bloggers?

Well, with social networking sites you can build up the audience for your blog by providing them latest updates about your blog. After all, this audience should be the real aim of your blogging. As, repeater audience provides you the self-confidence that whatever you are writing is greatly admired by the audience, that’s why your blog is receiving consistent readers. Also, these are the readers who make any blogger a PRO BLOGGER with a good reputation. Thus, you should be very honest with your readers and should also keep an eye on OFF Page SEO especially Social Bookmarking Sites to increase traffic to your site.

Top 10 Social Networking Sites

What can you receive from these social networking sites?

Target Audience
Bloggers Relationship
Advertisers to your blog
Business Partners
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Top 10 Social Networking Sites

Facebook is the Best Social Networking Site for a Blogger. The site was launched in 2004 to communicate with colleagues. By the end of 2014, active users of Facebook were estimated about 1.35 Billion. Also, by the end of 2015, it is expected to reach about 2 Billion users.
Why should you be active on Facebook?
You can create a Fan Page on Facebook to promote your blog. As, it provides you highly target fan following for your blog or product, thus, improve your blog’s social media presence.
Also, it provides you High PR 9 Dofollow Backlink to your blog.
Your readers can easily engage with you as your facebook fan page provide all details about you and your blog. Over the years, Facebook is the Top Social Networking Site for any blogger.
Google+ is one of the best Social Networking Site to provide high traffic to your blog. As, continuous increasing popularity of this social network providing it number 2 in my social networking sites list. By the end of last year, active users on Google+ were estimated about 343 Million.
Why should you use Google+?
You can create a business page for your product/blog. There are more chances that the users of Google+ will interact with you and thus, build up your brand and reputation.
You can share your latest updates on this platform and in return you can get a quality backlink from PR 8 social networking site. Also, it is more likely that backlinks from Google+ improves your blog’s domain authority.
Also, it allows you to create a unique URL for your fan page, thus helps you to build trust and brand among your readers.
LinkedIn is the most popular professional network. It was launched in 2003 and at present it has about 332 Million active users. It is specially designed to integrate your profile to the social world, which ultimately provides you many opportunities.
What should you join LinkedIn?
You can build up your robust professional profile which in return provide you a good exposure to the outer world so that recruiters can connect with you. You can connect with many others like you and thus can create a strong professional network.
Also, you can create a group to promote your blog or product. A complete information about your blog helps it to gain much traffic as it is the 3rd most popular social network. Also, by sharing your blog content you can get a strong backlink for your blog.
This network not only connects you with your friends and relatives in fact it also provides you many job opportunities. It keeps you updated with latest business news. If you are thinking to build up your career, you must connect with LinkedIn.
Twitter is the fastest growing social networking site. It was launched in 2004 and at present it is having about 285 Million active visitors. 140 character text limit helps to share your creativity in a limited space. Surely an advantage to share point to the point information about anything. It offers you to follow your idol in the community.
Why should you Tweet?
You can create a profile for your blog on Twitter to offer some quality updates to your readers. Thus, sharing your content on this social networking site gives you a quality backlink to build up your blog rank.
It offers you a unique id for your profile as @Twitter which increase a trust among your audience. Also, using ‘#’ before your keywords help them to rank first.
It also offers you to add a custom widget on your blog. The widget will provide live tweets to your blog visitors. Thus, the interconnection of both Twitter profile and your blog will help you to build an audience for your blog and twitter profile too.
Instagram is the most popular image sharing website. For quick sharing and uploading the images/photos, you can use Instagram. Well, How is this helpful in Blogging? The answer is simple, you get visitor not only from search engines, in fact, you get a huge referral traffic by sharing your blog images on Instagram. By the end of 2014, Instagram is having around 300 Million active users.
Well, Tumblr is somehow different from all others as it offers to create a microblog ( for its users. However, Bloggers may take a benefit of it by creating a microblog about their sites. As, by creating a microblog you can add your website and share any content of your website on it. In return you will be receiving a strong backlink for your main site. By the end of 2014, active users on Tumblr were estimated about 230 Million.
Pinterest is one of the top social networking sites. As, it offers you to create a board to PIN images. At present it is having about 90 Million active users on it. Thus, a strong audience you can receive on your blog by pinning your blog images on Pinterest. You can create a profile for your blog and add your website to it, thus, can receive a high PR backlink.
Quora is the best social networking site in terms of socialism. As, it offers you to put question & answers on any topic. You can create a profile on Quora and thus, involve in a great community of interrogation by asking and resolving problems on different topics. If any user have website, then you can add your website to complete your profile.
MySpace is also one of the best social networking sites. This social network was launched in 2003. You can create your profile on it and can connect with your fellows. You can share your blog posts and latest updates on your profile. Also, you can share videos, pictures and music through your profile. It can be used for content marketing of your blog.
Youtube is the best social networking site in terms of video sharing. Basically, it helps you to share your videos among other users. You can access to Youtube account by your existing gmail account. Also, for bloggers it can be used as a great source of income by publishing along with your videos. However, you can put videos of your blogging tutorials on Youtube to engage with your audience.
Top 10 Social Networking Sites

However, you shouldn’t miss other popular social networking sites as Vine, Snapchat, Friendster etc.

As being a Blogger, I recommend you to use all listed Social Networking Sites to enhance your Blog SEO. If you can’t then atleast Facebook, Google+, Twitter are the must used social networking sites for a blogger. Keep in mind that all Pro Bloggers are active on above listed sites and making a good reputation by providing quality updates to their readers. Also, to make strong marketing strategy, you should use Top Social Networking Sites.

Top 10 Social Networking Sites

If you think something is missing in this list of Top 10 Social Networking Sites, then let me know via comments. If you like the article, DON’T FORGET to share it on all major social networking sites.