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WordPress is the best blogging platform and the main benefit for using it are the plugins that it provides to run our blog perfectly. Can you rank higher in Google without implementing necessary SEO techniques? As, you all know that for better search results we need to implement both ON page and OFF page SEO techniques. We can do comment, blog submission, social sharing etc. for OFF Page SEO but what about ON Page SEO? At such time, we need Best WordPress SEO Plugins to do better Search Engine Optimization for ours blog posts. I have previously shared an article on Best WordPress Plugins for a blog, and today I’m sharing 5 Best WordPress Plugins to improve SEO of a blog. You need not use all plugins, but I recommend you to choose that fits best your blogging purpose.

5 Best WordPress SEO Plugins for Bloggers,List of best wordpress plugins for SEO which will help you to increase your blog search engine ranking,Wordpress SEO
5 Best WordPress SEO Plugins for Bloggers
Best WordPress SEO Plugins

The list compiled here includes free SEO Plugins. You may choose any of them as these are 5 of the Top SEO Plugins for bloggers to get high ranking in Google SERP.

WordPress SEO by Yoast

WordPress SEO by Yoast is the most common and Best SEO Plugin offered free on WordPress. This plugin helps you to take your blog’s SEO to a great level by its beneficial features. As, it provides you the following things to optimize your blog for latest Google Updates.

Meta Values (description and tags) for your Homepage and Individual posts
Social Exposure
Edit Robots.txt
Edit .htaccess file
XML Sitemaps
Moreover, it gives you the access to use Webmaster Tools. As, you can integrate Google Webmaster Tools, Bing Webmaster Tools etc. to your blog. The most common alternative of this free WordPress SEO Plugin that people use is All In One SEO Pack. However, as per my own experience I suggest you to choose WordPress SEO by Yoast as it proved better than All In One SEO in many aspects by its crucial features. Yoast SEO helps you to make your ON-Page SEO much easier.

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5 Best WordPress SEO Plugins for Bloggers

W3 Total Cache

While we are talking on the subject of SEO, then your blog’s loading speed is also considered as crucial part of Search Engine Optimization. As fast as your blog loads the better will be your Blog SEO. So, to optimize the loading time of your blog, W3 Total Cache is the most powerful SEO Plugin available free. It provides you the following features to load your blog fast.

Compress the CSS and JavaScript
Browser Caching
Optimize render scripts of page
Database Caching
Disk Caching
It also supports CDNs (Content Delivery Network) like MaxCDN, Amazon Cloud Front, Amazon S3 etc. Well, now you are thinking that what is CDN? As, CDN helps to reduce the load on your web server. In addition, it serves your static content on other nearby servers to reduce the load of single hosting server.

Despite the fact that it is the best caching plugin for WordPress, you should ensure that the plugin is deactivated while you are doing any modification in CSS. As, many times you won’t see any changes to your blog style when W3 is activated.

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5 Best WordPress SEO Plugins for Bloggers

Broken Link Checker

Umm… Broken Links !! Well, as the name suggests that Broken Links are the links that are not active now for any reason. These not only create bad user experience but also affect your blog’s ranking. As, you all are running different blogs, so it’s highly recommended to check broken links of your blog.

How do you get Broken Links?
Well, there are many reasons behind it. But the main cause of it is 404 error i.e. suppose you have deleted any post/page etc. but that post URL has already been indexed by search engines and when a user clicks on that link, then it results in 404 Page Not Found Error. Like this, there are many internal and external links that connect your site to other sites too.

5 Best WordPress SEO Plugins for Bloggers

Thus, to keep your blog safe from such Broken Links, you should use Broken Link Checker plugin. It is available free on WordPress and fixes all broken links. While, if a plugin is providing you some pros then you must ensure that aren’t there any cons of that? YES, the main downside of the plugin is that it may affect your blog’s speed performance. Thus, it is recommended that use the plugin only when you are getting low traffic.

5 of the Best SEO Plugins for WordPress Users

Google XML Sitemaps

The very first question that hits your mind reading Google XML Sitemaps is that What is Sitemap? I’m sure that many a times, you have heard bloggers saying that use Google XML Sitemaps. But have you ever think of it? What do sitemaps do? Don’t worry, I’m giving you the answer of it.

Actually, Sitemaps are the organized list of websites/blogs that are accessible to users and search engines. Also, these are of two types- XML Sitemaps and HTML Sitemaps. XML Sitemaps are those which are accessible by web crawlers to index the site while HTML Sitemaps are those which are seen by users to get an idea of the blog’s posts.

Google XML Sitemaps create XML Sitemaps of your blog that provides structural information to web crawlers of various search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing etc. for better indexing of your blog’s posts. Every time you create a new blog post, this plugin notifies search engines to index that post.

In case of WordPress SEO by Yoast, you may ignore this plugin because Yoast has inbuilt XML Sitemaps feature.

5 Best WordPress SEO Plugins for Bloggers

SEO Friendly Images

All of us know that Images in the article catches more eyes than a text can. It can be a boon if indexed properly, but most bloggers especially newbies don’t optimize their images. As a result, they lose a good portion of the organic search for their blog. Well, for proper indexing of the image, it should have a well-given name and relevant tags in ALT Text. As, web crawlers can easily index your article’s text portion but they can not read the images used, they can read ALT Text of the images. So, the images should be perfectly indexed of you want great traffic to your blog. For such purpose, SEO Friendly Images plugin is used, as, it automatically adds ALT Text and Title to the images used.

But make sure you have not uploaded any image with a name like Image001.jpg or something matches it. The plugin automatically adds Title and ALT Text attributes to the image after reading your blog content and your image name. For example, if you upload an image named as “WordPress Plugins”, then the plugin automatically produce a Title attribute as “WordPress Plugins photos”. Thus, it is strongly recommended to avoid uploading images named as Image002.jpg etc. Always provide a relevant name to your image.

Always provide a caption and description for the images you used in your blog to put a step ahead in the competition.

5 Best WordPress SEO Plugins for Bloggers

So, it’s the end of 5 Best SEO Plugins for WordPress. As, it is my own experience about Top WordPress SEO Plugins. So, if you think I missed anyone then let me know via comments. Also, discuss which plugins you use for better SEO of your blog?

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